Overwatch – Storm Rising – 16 April to 6 May

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The story slowly sets the heroes Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy.
The latter’s mission is to corrupt Maximilian the accountant of Doomfist in order to stop it.

The adventure also takes us in the footsteps of the Don Rumbotico distillery located in Havana.

History of the Don Rumbotico distillery

  • The rum distillery Don Rumbotico was founded two centuries ago by Clara and Basilio Diaz in Havana. It was a very modest family business.
  • Until 2060, few people outside Cuba knew the name of Don Rumbotico, but the brand was very popular in Havana.
  • If the business was successful, things have changed in recent years. An anonymous group wanted to buy the distillery for a nice amount of money. However, the family of Alicia Diaz (a descendant of the founders of the distillery) refused the offer because it wanted the company remains primarily a family business.
  • After this refusal, the family faced many problems. Whole shipments of rum disappeared and the distillery was partly destroyed by a fire, most certainly of criminal origin.
  • Following all these misfortunes, the Diaz family was forced to sell the distillery for a pittance. The distillery was rebuilt and the face of the founding father Basilio Diaz on the labels of the rum bottles was replaced by that of an omniac.
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Somes changes at Havana

  • Other symbols of Havana undergo a radical change. After the distillery, it was the turn of the Havana fort, a historical monument protected by the Cuban government for centuries, to be bought by the same anonymous group. From now on, it is a private property.
  • Security guards patrol and you can see a constant traffic of helicopters. However, the gates of the fort remain closed to the public.

A hurricane towards Havana

  • Havana is preparing to face a terrible Category 3 hurricane heading towards the port city.
  • The population is evacuated and it is recommended to go inland.
Local news in havana

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