Top 10 Beginner tips in Overwatch

Welcome to the future pro Overwatch players

Tip 1 : Try every Character

When you start the game, it’s important to try all heroes so you can find the best for you! All heroes have different gameplay and mechanics, find the hero you enjoy the most!

Tip 2 : Visit all the maps

You can make a custom game and visit all the map in a peaceful environment. Check where are all the medical packs and objectives, that will help you a lot!

Tip 3 : Focus on a few heroes to improve faster

Once you have found heroes you like, try and select one offensive hero, one support hero or one tank hero depending of what is your 1st choise. 
That’s the best way to climb the ladder quickly and be helpful to your team. After some time it will be easier to add new heroes to your pool.

Tip 4 : Training room

Check out the Overwatch training room to try all hero abilities on 200hp target dummies, it’s very important for you to know how much damage you can deal and master your ultimate mechanics!

Tip 5 : Play with sound on

Overwatch a rare game where all heroes have specific footstep audio, so you can pay attention and know what hero is behind the wall !
It’s a huge advantage against players who don’t use sound correctly!

Tip 6 : Stay as a whole

Overwatch is a team based game, you are stronger as a group.
Even if some heroes are designed to go in the enemy backline (called flancking) they must join their team when a teamfight is happening!

Tip 7 : Get the high ground !

High ground is usually easier to defend and its harder for the enemy team to aim at a higher position. A lot of heroes can’t hit you from here, play around it!

Tip 8 : Try custom games

There is a lot of fun to have in Overwatch and even more in custom games, you can practice specific heroes more intensely or enjoy the different mods with irregular settings.

Tip 9 : Join discord communities !

You can join Overwatch discord servers (we are here!) to find friends to play with, there are players of every skill level on it!

Tip 10 : Keep visiting !

We are working to build a nice source of knowledge for all players who want to improve in Overwatch so stay with us and read along!

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